We are proud to introduce America’s Best Walk-In Bath Tub, our newest Walk-In Bathtub that accommodates the needs of seniors, people with mobility challenges, and anybody who has trouble getting in and out of the bath.

American Tubs designs and manufactures quality walk-in bathtubs for seniors, the disabled and for people with limited mobility. We offer over 15 of the most safest walk in baths in the country.

View our bathtubs below to learn more about these amazing tubs, then Schedule a No-Obligation in Home Consultation and let an American Tubs representative help you select the perfect bathtub. Learn why walk in tubs can provide seniors and the elderly an amazing bathing experience.


  • High quality fiberglass material
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Durable gel coat surface
  • Easy-to-clean high gloss finish
  • Door-sill with silicone rubber seal
  • Wall extension kit to fit any standard 60” tub opening
  • Removable access panel
  • Anti-slip floor
  • Built-in safety bar
  • Leak resistant door drain
  • Light-weight moveable door



Supplier: American Tubs
Price: Starting at $8,000 Including Installation
Options: As every bathroom is different, we will come to your home for a no-obligation quote and give you a firm price.


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