The most popular remodeling project in the United States residentially and commercially is the tub to shower conversion. Those with high-style, have gravitated towards the curbless shower, also known as the European Wet Room™, during their bathroom transformation.

The wet room was originally invented as a healthcare solution by our global team in 1980. The curbless shower eliminates the largest physical barrier in the bathroom, the bathtub. It is unique in the sense that it opens up a room, making the floor seamless by blending the whole space together as one. Curbless showers change the functional dynamic of the room and are a new design statement. They are very popular as a solution for many commercial healthcare problems, but interestingly enough, they are trending hot on HOUZZ as a luxury shower component.

We have different shower pan styles to fit all design tastes; square drains and linear drains offer different aesthetic results. Our products can be utilized in remodeling and new construction, residentially and commercially. We have a solution for every construction application, in wood and concrete. One of our biggest strengths in shower pan sizes is that we can make stock products to fit custom applications.


  • Available in nine sizes
  • With the Standard Fusion Shower Pan, the entire floor can be a shower
  • Our system can be utilized in residential, commercial, and institutional projects, remodeling or new construction
  • Formed from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and has a solid core. It is extremely tough and rigid; load bearing up to 550 pounds with basic bracing. Extra bracing substantially increases the load capacity
  • Supports large and small format tile options and vinyl flooring
  • 7/8” thick (at the perimeter) and has four pitch planes with built in gradients / slope to assure efficient positive flow of the water towards the drain
  • Can be installed on wood joists, on subfloor, recessed in concrete, and surface mounted on concrete
  • Shower pan can be trimmed in the field up to two inches around the perimeter
  • Wet Room Shower System comes with liquid waterproof membrane, crack isolation tape, and the appropriate drain
  • Can be rotated 180° to avoid a joist or align closer to existing plumbing



Supplier: Trending Accessibility
Price: Starting at $9,500
Options: As every bathroom is different, we will come to your home for a no-obligation quote and give you a firm price.


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