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A Quick Look at Permanent Track Lifts and Portable Lifts

Patient lifts are an essential aspect of home accessibility, and are designed to transfer patients from the bed, wheelchair or bathtub, moving them safely from one spot to another. Installing permanent track lifts or incorporating portable lifts into your home can prove highly beneficial to both the patient and the caregiver, enhancing the quality of life for those with reduced mobility and allowing them to age in place in comfort and security.

There are a number of patient lifts available on the market, and choosing between permanent ceiling track lifts and portable lifts depends on a number of factors. Permanent ceiling track lifts are designed for use in spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or in other areas of the home with limited floor space, and are both stable and highly reliable. Portable lifts, on the other hand, can be easily relocated within the home, and are the perfect solution for all your dynamic transfer needs. The patient’s size, health, and medical condition are just some of the other factors which you should take into account when planning to buy a patient lift.

With so many models and variables to keep in mind, choosing the right patient lift for your needs can be a challenge. To make things easier for you, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide this comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect mobility solution for you and your home.

Ceiling Track Lifts

Ceiling track lifts are easy-to-operate devices that can be used to transfer patients from the bed to a commode, bath, or wheelchair. Permanent ceiling track lifts tend to be installed in homes for long-term use, and are equipped with a lift motor that moves horizontally along a permanent track mounted to the ceiling. Ceiling track lifts use slings to transport and carry patients safely and easily, raising and lowering patients into position via a strap connecting the sling cradle to the lift motor.

As ceiling track lifts are limited to moving along a predetermined track, it’s important to make sure that the layout of the track suits your home and your particular needs. Ceiling track lifts take up little space on account of their ceiling-mounted design, and can be custom designed to connect various rooms throughout the house via connectors and a power traversing unit. The space saved by installing permanent track lifts helps minimize clutter and prevent damage to furniture and is beneficial to home comfort and security in the long term.

Here are some popular ceiling track lifts currently on the market:


If you’re looking for a great all-around permanent track lift with great mobility and high adaptability to a range of different setting and layouts, Handicare’s RiseAtlas450 is one of the best options on the market. RiseAtlas450’s ergonomic design and cutting-edge features combine to provide secure and comfortable lifting experiences for users who need to move to and from the bed, bathtub, or any other senior-friendly space. Spatially economical and easy-to-use, this home transfer device comes without a built-in transfer motor which is ideal for those who require additional support to move patients. This model also has a high lifting capacity, making it a great option for users of all sizes and weights.

RiseAtlas450’s SystemRoMedic™ QuickTrolleySystem makes unmounting the lifting unit from the ceiling track easy and is perfect for those with dynamic transfer needs. One of the most priceworthy permanent track lifts on the market, RiseAtlas450 boasts a number of special features, including the Smart-Park Function, which ensures that the lifting unit is always in place and ready for use, and a hand control charging station, which protects the hand control and makes sure that your device is always fully charged and functional.

Ceiling Track Lifts: MaxiSky2

Another great permanent track lift is ArjoHuntleigh’s MaxiSky 2. If you’re looking for a highly-portable and weight-resistant permanent track lift, then this high-end end device is the perfect option for you. Lightweight and compact, MaxiSky 2 can be adjusted to accommodate weights ranging from 120 kg to 272 kg depending on your needs. MakiSky 2 provides a smooth, silent ride, giving both users and caregivers complete control over the transfer process. This model is fitted with a color display and cutting-edge software that provides information on the condition of the lift, including battery status, maintenance requirements and more. MakiSky 2 was designed with easy-of-use and security in mind and is one of the safest permanent track lifts on the market.

This model is easy to service and clean, and boasts a hygienic and stylish design. MaxiSky2 is also fully configurable and can incorporate a range of on-site upgrades such as a Powered DPS, Infrared Remote, and an Enhanced Charging System. MaxiSky 2’s lifting unit is also optimized to work with different ceiling tracks and transport systems, while its Quick Connect™ system allows for seamless transitions between rooms.

Portable Lifts

Portable lifts are designed for transfer to and from different parts of the home and offer great adaptability and flexibility of use. Portable lifting units can be disconnected from a central ceiling track and conveniently connected in another room, allowing patients to move around with ease at home. With portable ceiling track lifts, patients can be transferred from their beds onto a wheelchair and from the wheelchair into the bathtub using the same lift motor and sling.

Some portable lifts are anchored directly onto ceiling tracks for added strength and support, and tend to be more mobile than their permanent ceiling lift counterparts, while others come in high-performance freestanding versions designed for occasional lifting. While most users require a caregiver to move them horizontally along the track, there are a number of portable lifts featuring powered rail transfer units currently on the market.


Handicare’s RisePorto is one of the most compact and lightweight mobility devices on the market, and sets the standard for performance and quality in portable lifts. RisePorto is easy to set up and take down, and provides maximum safety and comfort for horizontal or seated transfers. This model is highly flexible and can accommodate a wide range of height settings, making it the perfect solution for those undergoing gait or standing training.

The RisePro is designed for use on ceiling track systems and freestanding lift stands, and comes with a mounting handle for easy installation on various rail systems. Compact, flexible and lightweight, RisePro functions well in tight spaces with limited maneuverability. Available in two models with lifting capacities ranging up to 205 kg, this lifting device comes complete with a hand control, charger, and a foldable sling bar, and is built to comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive for Class 1 products. This lift is equipped with a manual emergency stop and both an overload and over speed protection feature, enabling caregivers to perform safe transfers while preventing falls or other injuries.

Portable Lifts: Castor

Freestanding lifts function as stationary point-to-point transfer systems, and are usually used in combination with lifting units where permanent installations are impractical or unnecessary. Handicare’s Castor is the perfect solution for those who need a quick, portable lifting device that can handle heavy loads. Lightweight and compact, Castor’s aluminum-made frame has a loading capacity of up to 300 kgs, making it the perfect option for users with larger weight requirements.

Patient lifts such as the Castor come equipped with adjustable levers and extendable rails which can be set up to accommodate beds, bathtubs and raised toilets of all sizes and dimensions. Castor’s flexibility allows for use in all kinds of settings, with the lifting area and the lift stand’s width varying according to your particular needs. This lift’s seven easy height adjustment settings are designed to provide control and safety during transfers, and make this lift convenient for storing away when not in use. This model can be used in combination with most standard lifting units, and comes with two standard posts, two foot plates, and a range of other accessories.

For more information on ceiling track lifts, including permanent and portable patient lifts, feel free to contact our team of caregiver professionals. We are glad to answer any questions you may have while choosing patient lifts, so do not hesitate to get in touch for a free in-home consultation today.


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